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Updated: Aug 22

Hi all, welcome to Elizabees, within these updates will be sale dates, product dates and just an overall summary of what will be happening on the site over the next couple of months.

What's New

Over the last week, we have been rearranging our website and transferring it over to a different website host.

In April 2020 we created our first website on Shopify, due to some problems we have faced over the last couple of months we have decided that the site needed a fresh start/ perspective.

We are working on developing a plan of action for our uploading schedule and will be keeping everyone informed.

3 things to look out for!

  • We will be uploading once a month- Product and a Newsletter and we will be very present on our Instagram, uploading once a day.

  • In the coming months, we will be uploading a meet the team so that you can get to know all of us here at Elizabees. We don't like that we're just people behind the screen.

  • There will be a couple of deals over the next month to look out for and a couple of opportunities to win products during Christmas time.


15th of every month new products will be uploaded.

On the 31st there will be updates to the blog.

Each month will focus on one theme.

September - Relaxation theme, helping with ideas to create a relaxing environment at home and some ways we have found helps with things like stress and anxiety.

October- Spooky theme and all thinks scare. + some Christmas ideas.

November- The last of the Christmas products will be added.+New Years

December- Cyber Monday we will see a large amount of the product on the site reduced

By Chloe H, Elizabees



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